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January 4, 2018

 This Sunday, as the first Sunday of the month, our church will participate in communion together. 

There are many aspects of that sentence which I always appreciate and wanted to talk a little more about today.

  Sunday - for early Christians, Sunday was considered the first day of the week, and therefore they set it aside as the first-fruits of their week. They saw it as a reminder that God will always fill in where we lack, even our time.

  For many people, Sunday has become just another day of the week. Another day to accomplish tasks, play sports, sit around, whatever they choose to do. For Christians, Sunday should still hold a significant meaning in our lives. I often wonder if it does, though. 

  Participate - While some churches battle over silly things (carpet colors, etc.), our gatherings should be marked by participation in worship. We are not spectators, we are participants. Each of us should come ready to play, to sing, to work, to be the Body of Christ. Too many churches fill up each Sunday with comfort-seeking robots who go through motions of religion instead of participating in worship of the Almighty God.

  Together - There's something about the gathering of God's people, and communion should be a time of getting together. Gathering in order to be dispersed, training in order to be deployed, encouraging in order to encourage, and blessing in order to be blessed. 

  I look forward to this Sunday as we celebrate communion together, and my prayer is that if you are part of the church that meets at Glenn View, you will join us, too!

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