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June 8, 2018

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A Quiet Crisis

November 2, 2017


   Our whole nation is dealing with a quiet crisis. While the conversation is starting to gain more traction, addiction to opiods and narcotics is reaching a critical level nationally and locally.


   I recently read an article on talking about Heroin addicts. It was an interview with two, 46-year-old addicts who have been doing the drug for over 20 years each. They look like they're in their 60's. It was the most maddening and heart breaking article I've read in a while.


   One of the saddest things to read was the statement by the female addict when she said this, "'This is not a road you want to go down,' she says, as she continues to cry. 'It's evil. Nothing good can come of this.' But then she pushes the needle into a vein in the back of her hand. As the heroin takes hold, she scratches her head and neck. She begins to slur her words as she explains how her body tingles and her heart beats out of her chest." She goes on to say she might have taken too much. 


   The article saddens so many because we realize there are literally thousands of stories just like hers. In the last couple of years, Forsyth County, NC, has seen a rapid increase in opiod related deaths, and that's nothing compared to other counties in our state. 


  The article makes me mad because I see the hold these drugs have on so many, and I want to just scream, "THEN STOP DOING IT!" These folks clearly see the damage it's doing; Johnny says he's buried 5 friends in the last year. Yet they cannot stop. The good feeling the drugs give them outweigh the consequences. Hmmm...


   I wonder if there is anything in my life that compares to that? I began to think today that sin is just like that. We can get so used to the good feeling that we begin to forget there are real, serious, eternal consequences. I wonder how many times God looks down at me with a mixture of sadness and justified anger saying, "STOP DOING THAT!"? 


   Are opiods and related drugs awful for the human body? Absolutely, and our churches need to be involved in offering help and hope to those addicted. Even more important, however, Christians need to carefully examine our own lives to battle our sin individually and corporately. Eternity hangs in the balance!


The full article can be found here: 

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