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Our desire is to see people love God, love others, and grow disciples. The first place to start making disciples for Christ is in your home, with your children. Because you are a parent or guardian of a child you have been appointed to one of the most special roles God could give a person. Being a parent is a “Holy Office.” God has placed you in control of raising a child in the way that they should go (Prov. 22:6) and to train them in His word and His way (Deut. 6).

WHAT HAPPENS AT HOME is more important than what happens at church. No matter what, a student’s parents (not their church) will be the biggest influence in their lives in every way – especially spiritually. We (the church) want to see kids start owning their faith and living on mission with God, so we thought it made sense for us to partner with the most powerful, influential people in their lives in order to make it happen. We use the term “partner” for a reason – because parents and the church need each other. We need to team up with parents in our efforts to disciple their children, because they’re ultimately the primary disciplers of their own kids. Parents need to team up with the local church because their kids need to see faith in Jesus and missional living modeled from a whole community of believers!  Here are some resources to help:

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